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I am from a family of hobbyist photographers and have learned most of my skills on my own over the last 20 years. I have had several studios over the years and have shot most any kind of work you can think of. I no longer have a studio but use the world now instead.

This site is to share some of my model, portrait, landscape & drone work that I have done over the years. What you see here is a small sample of what I have created and I am always looking to create more. The landscape & Helloween photos in these galleries is for sale for display in your home or business; you can purchase wall art prints at many different sizes & formats via the collections below.

To book a photo shoot, please contact me at [email protected] or by messaging me on social media. Thanks for visiting!

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About CJ Schmit

I am just a man in his early 50’s who shoots what he sees. I use both a regular camera and a drone to create the pieces of work you see here. I have been a photographer for about 20 years and 98% of what I do is digital photography. I have shot film but that work is more or less to teach me the skills I need for digital.

I live in South Eastern Wisconsin which is where most of my work is shot but I do tend to travel a bit as well and capture things while I am out. There is no said rhyme or reason to why I shoot what I do other than what I personally find eye catching.